I recently watched the movie “Forks Over Knives” and I thought the movie was very good. I am not a vegan or vegetarian by any means but after watching the Documentary I am motivated to incorporate some of the principles into my diet. If you havent watched the documentary I suggest that you should. I currently intermittent fast 16 hours day and eat from noon til 8pm. I have been on this plan for almost 2 months and I love the results my reason for adapting to this type of plan was to be beach body ready for the summer. My abs are very visible and I haven’t lost much muscle mass just mostly fat. What I plan to do now is to incorporate a couple of “No Meat” days into my current regimen.

After learing a lot from the movie about how animal products lead to multiple diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure I decided to stop the problem before it starts. Let me start by saying I am not forcing this lifestyle on anyone, make your own choices on what to eat. Most vegan/vegetarians I know always try to get people to convert to their way of eating and are quick to tell you how bad meat is for you and how dumb you are for eating it. That is not my purpose I still eat meat and don’t plan on stopping but I am cutting back on the amount of meat and dairy I eat. I believe a plant base diet is the best for you. Its how we ate in biblical times we ate off the land. So who knows I may go full vegan one day.

The documentary displays how certain forms of cancer can be linked to different areas in the world for example, in Asia they were able to show how specific areas in asia where the people ate a specific diet developed certain forms of cancer.

The documentary also shows how the western diet (how Americans eat) consisting of meat, dairy and fast food lead to all of the deadly diseases cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes. America is the worst when it comes to obesity 40 percent of kids are obese. Just look at 10 random people and I will guarantee 7-10 are over weight. Food is literally killing us. White sugar, white flour and high fructose corn syrup are causing obesity and cancer. White sugar is pretty much a drug I recently read that white sugar hits more pleasure senses than heroin and just as addictive as heroin. I try to avoid white sugar as much as possible but I will eat sweets on my cheat days.

Kale Chips

My new favorite snack is Kale chips. I remember when my wife used to juice she juiced tons of kale and the smell used to make me sick. I watched a couple of vids on how to make kale chips and now I am addicted to them. I make them 2-3 times a week and actually crave them at times. I just have a simple recipe using olive oil and some garlic salt. I have also been eating Lentils. I like chose Lentils because they’re fairly high in protein and hold flavor very well.



I also love asparagus. I eat eat grilled or baked it is delicious both ways just add a little salt for flavor and you’re good to go. Sometimes I add some minced garlic for some added flavor. I prefer my asparagus grilled for some reason it just tastes better off the grill. I place it on the aluminum foil them place it on the grill.


I used to be bad with Broccoli. I always ate it but never cooked it in a healthy way. I would usually add butter and cheese to it which totally defeats the purpose lol. Now I tossed it on a bowl with some olive oil then sprinkle some garlic salt over and out it in the oven for about 20 minutes. Something magical happens while it’s in the oven with the garlic salt and olive oil. When I pull it out of the oven it smells great and tastes delicious.

So this is my plan, to incorporate one meatless day a week and see how it goes. I have no plans on becoming a vegetarian but I do want to try something new and see how my body responds to it. I have noticed on my meat-less days I have more energy and I don’t get sleepy after I eat. Normally when I eat meat I get sluggish and sleepy which I don’t like. Also veggies are easier to digest so I hope I do #2 more often. You’re supposed to go after every meal (for me is impossible) so hopefully I can increase my dumps to twice a day.

Hopefully this encourages you to learn more about plant-based diet and the effect of eating animal product. Do you own research and tell me what you think.