This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend the Arnold Classic again. If you’ve never been I suggest you go, it’s a great way to meet a lot of big names in the fitness industry. You can also save tons of money on supplements. I was able to meet Kali Muscle this year and buy some Hyphy Mud. Kali was very nice and not arrogant at all he thanked me and told me how he appreciated me buying his product.


Let me start off by saying this pre-workout is great. You can feel it working minutes after you take. 5 minutes after I took it I started to feel my face tingle (the sign of a great pre-workout) If you taken any other pre-workout you should be used to the tingle. Hyphy Mud’s tingle is different you feel it in your face then you feel in on your scalp and on your ears. The instructions specifically say only take one scoop it goes on to say after 3 days you can increase usage by a half scoop. I can see any reason why you would need more than one scoop of this glorious pre-workout.

After about 10 minutes the tingling goes away you feel energized! I broke a sweat on my first set. It was chest day for me so this stuff came in handy. By my third set I had sweat dripping from my forehead and veins popping in my chest, arms and shoulders. I normally do 4 to 5 sets per exercise on Hyphy Mud I bumped it up to 6-7 sets. I started off on incline dumbbell press for 7 sets then I hit decline barbell bench for 6 sets. After that I did 6 sets of flat bench on the smith machine (all the benches were full since it was international chest day), then  I hit 6 sets on the fly machine, then I did 6 sets of incline presses on the smith machine and I finished my workout with 6 sets of side presses on the pec deck ( sit sideways then press across your body to hit the inner pecs). By the time I finished my workout I was super pumped my pecs were popping, my arms and shoulders were popping. After my workout I had my post workout shake (60 grams of whey). An hour later I’m normally hungry and ready for dinner but this Hyphy Mud curbed my appetite so it was easy to start my fast at 8pm(i am currently intermittent fasting) I was impressed by this pre-workout!




  1. Effectiveness 10/10

This pre-workout works well I has a great pump and great energy throughout my entire workout. Once I broke a sweat it never stopped until I was done this product has a great thermogenic effect.

    2. Taste 6/10

I have fruit punch. It not the best tasting pre-workout it has a medicine taste to it unfortunately. But in his defense you dont take pre-workout for the flavor. My advice would be to chug it as fast as possible.

   3. Mixability 8/10

Hyphy Mud mixes well, there is not much at the bottom of the cup after you mix it up but if you take pre-workout like a savage(dump a scoop in your mouth then drink some water) then this wouldnt be an issue for you. Hyphy Mud dissolves and mixes well not grittyness in your mouth (pause) when you drink it(pause).

   4. Portion 3/10

This is where Hyphy Mud gets a bad grade. As you can see in the video you get less than a half full container. Now the can says 30 servings per container since its so strong you only need one scoop, I guess this is why you get so little. I am going to monitor my usage to see if I get 30 servings if not Im lowering this scale to 2/10. I did get for a cheaper price at the Arnold Classic so i guess I cant complain too much.

Overall I give it 8/10 this a great product and I will recommend it for anyone who lifts weights you will definitely make some gainz!

ig: @stayreadyfitness