I am in my 4th week of Intermittent Fasting and I am loving the results. I am not as hungry during my fast and it seems like time goes by faster now. If you are new to IF or have not heard about it there a a lot of benefits to IF. It repair cells in your body, increases HGH production (the fountain of youth), burns fat and helps you get the look you’ve always wanted.

I am not going to lie I still get hungry before I break my fast but I’ve learned and found ways to keep my hunger at bay. I start my morning off with a liter of water this is good for keeping your hunger under control.About 2 hours later i drink a cup of black coffee no sugar no cream. If you don’t like the taste of coffee I recommend drinking green tea with no sugar. For me its a lot easier to drink coffee without sugar than it is to drink green tea without sugar. One important thing is not to drink the coffee/tea too fast, you want to sip it slow so you can get the benefit of appetite suppression. When i first started IF I used a fat burner supplement instead of coffee which worked very well, some people may call that cheating but I don’t care it worked so I used it (if you want to know the supplement I used let me know). Another way to combat hunger during your fast is to drink sparkling water(Perrier is good) which will fill you up. You want to make sure you space these out so you dont cave and break you fast before you reach your eating window. Another way to keep away hunger is to stay busy. If you work a 9 to 5 like me go to work and stay busy this will help keep your mind off fasting for a while. If you don’t work or have free time, do something that makes you become active. You can go for a walk, jog, bike ride or do a workout. Most people have errands to run so you can do that to stay busy as well. For me I wake up at 5:30 am I get to work at 7 am and have my liter of water. About 9 am I have a cup of black coffee (remember to sip it slow so it lasts) that cup of coffee normally keeps away my hunger until noon when I break my fast(my eating window is 12pm – 8pm). If I get hungry after my coffee drinking more water usually works until noon. You want to drink tons of water to keep your body in flush mode. The food we eat has sodium which makes your body retain water and the only way to lose water weight is to flush it out by drinking water. The first couple of days will be a little hard but trust me when I tell you it gets easier and I guarantee you will love the results. If you find that none of these tips work (which i highly doubt) remember you can always pray God is always there for you during your time of need and besides; fasting brings you closer to god.

Now lets recap.

  1. Drink tons of water.internet_of_things_for_water
  2. Drink black coffee or Green Tea without sugar.greenteacoffee_thumb
  3. Drink Sparkling Waterslide_378082_4457454_free
  4. Stay Busybusy-7
  5. Be Activeget_active
  6. Pray