I have been Intermittent Fasting for 3 weeks now and it is a daily struggle. It is a constant battle of fighting cravings and resisting the temptation to eat before you can break your fast.

I have a coworker that brings in doughnuts almost every morning. He knows I love the cinnamon sugar twist doughnuts and make it a point to tell “Hey Ced I got some cinnamon twist in here for you.” Now anyone who knows me personally know I love doughnuts and apple pie. If I was a secret agent and you wanted get info out of me just lay a doughnut or apple pie in front of me and I will break in minutes. I’d tell you everything you wanted to know and would have no regrets once the doughnut was in my mouth. With that being said another coworker decided to bring in doughnuts today from Graeters yes Graeters! If you’ve never been to Cincinnati Graeters is the Mercedes-Benz of sweets their Ice Cream and Doughnuts taste like they were made by the hands of Jesus Christ himself.

It is currently 7:45 and I can’t break my fast until 12:oo pm. These doughnuts look so good and it feels like a crime not being able to eat one. I’m practically starving because I haven’t eaten since 8pm last night (I fast from 8pm to Noon).

I’m a certified personal trainer and I’ve been training one of my coworkers who sits behind me on the same pod (he’s the one holding the box of doughnuts). I told him about me Intermittent fasting and he decided to give a try as well. Me being me, I took a doughnut, wrapped it in a paper towel and I’m literally counting down until noon when I can unwrap this doughnut like a birthday present and scarf it down.  Doug and I are in a real life game of doughnut roulette waiting for the first one to break down and eat our doughnut before noon. Doug is allergic to chocolate and gets migraines if he eats chocolate. He has a glazed doughnut with chocolate icing wrapped in a paper towel. The fact the Doug is willing to take a migraine from hell all for the love of pastries is hilarious in itself and needs it own side story. (My doughnut is the first pic Doug’s is the 2nd pic)20170223_085050


8:55 am

My stomach is literally howling at me and my mouth wont stop watering. The only thing I can have before noon is black coffee and water. I’ve downed a liter of water and it has done nothing for my hunger. Black coffee tastes like jet fuel but it does curb my hunger for a little while. The glaze from the doughnut is starting to soak thru the paper towel, I think it’s actually the doughnut crying because I can’t eat it. The only thing keeping me strong right now is the fact that Doug hasn’t broke yet and my abs are getting more visible by the day. I’m eating this doughnut at noon for sure, I’ve calculated my macros for the day and this doughnut definitely fits!

I will let you know how the rest of the day unfolds…

12:14 pm

I didn’t break I stuck to my eating window and waited til after 12 to eat the doughnut. That thing was amazing. It was gone in 3 bites, it tasted so good I have chunk of it in my tooth that im saving for later. I got a case of the guilties so immediately after eating the doughnut I drunk 2 liters of water trying to flush it out.

Dont feel bad if you slip up on the diet/meal plan its gonna happen. Luckiy for me I workout after work so I will be burning that doughnut off shortly. Im a firm believer in IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) plus Intermittent Fasting isnt a diet it a style of eating or a lifetsyle change. So with being said when life give you doughnuts wrap the up and eat them later.